La Rosa International - Insurance Division Risk Solutions’ Automotive Practice has developed a broad base of experience in virtually all aspects of the automotive industry.

Our Solutions Serve:

  • Private Passenger Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Commercial Truck OEMs and Other Specialty Vehicles
  • OEM Parts Suppliers
  • Dealership and Distributor Groups
  • Financing Companies
  • Aftermarket Parts Retailers

As pessimism weighs on the global economy, the automotive industry continues to face a range of business-critical risks. These risks may include plant closings or openings; exposure to catastrophic property losses involving fire, flood, earthquakes and additional unforeseen events; business interruptions; volatile product liability verdicts; and supply chain disruptions. As a result, organizations like yours need a top-to-bottom risk management strategy that strikes the right balance between risk retention and risk transfer. Properly designed and implemented, this strategy will help your organization reduce costs while managing volatility.