La Rosa International - Insurance Division Marine Practice is a leading advisor to the maritime industry on risk and insurance.

Our product lines drive our global service approach and augment our capabilities with professionals who are dedicated to providing expertise and innovation in these fields:

  • Hull and Machinery;
  • Marine Liability;
  • Protection and Indemnity;
  • Marine Cargo.

The maritime business is a high profile industry with potential for catastrophic losses. Whether the risk relates to; ship repair and maritime construction risk, general average, natural catastrophes, delay in start-up, war risks, terrorism, coastal marine operations, inventory, or the myriad of other risks, our experts are on hand to provide insight and solutions to address your business challenges.

Collaboration and innovation are key factors in our success: they lead to new and innovative products and creative ideas that have resulted in unique client solutions, including:

  • La Rosa International - Insurance Division put in place a solution for multiple governments for their war insurance issues following market changes.
  • We pioneered the concept of social responsibility insurance.
  • Our team was instrumental in shaping the Athens Convention into a format that permitted liabilities imposed by that convention to be insured.
  • We developed the first open platform, online certificate and account management system dedicated to marine cargo now the global standard.

Today, we continue to encourage originality. We always have one eye on the future in addressing new challenges in the volatile world in which our clients operate.