Textiles and Fashion

The excellent quality of fabrics and Italian has made this area one of the most prestigious Made in Italy. The peculiarity of the industry, production processes and distribution and brand protection, require careful analysis risks to which companies are exposed and effective solutions for the management of risk. Sector comprises over to the textile and clothing, leather industry, footwear, cosmetics, eyewear and jewelry.

La Rosa International - Insurance Division provides solutions for managing risk, through a methodology of analysis, evaluation and quantification of risks, which aims to build an insurance program adequate and effective protection of assets and resources.

The presence of a global network allows you to learn about the local cultures and markets and to support the customer in every country of the world.

Traditional areas of risk:

  • Credit and Political Risk 
  • transport 
  • Property (Direct and Indirect Damage Damage) 
  • RCT / O 
  • RC Product 
  • Employee Benefits

Areas of risk related to the sector:

  • Supply Chain 
  • Stock & Transit 
  • Damage collections / sample 
  • Royalties 
  • Brand reputation 
  • Loss Key Men 
  • Working with hazardous materials 
  • Error labeling