Private Equity

Investments in Private Equity require a wide range of operations that depend on the level of development of a company and the investment technique adopted.
The goal of investors is to achieve, in the medium to long term, a capital gain from the sale of the shares.
Often a transaction can present complex issues that
may reduce the value or, in the worst cases, stop the negotiations.

La Rosa International - Insurance Division has a team of professionals who can identify risks and offer the best solutions for a successful conclusion of the negotiation.

The activities that the team La Rosa Insurance Division place to support
companies in the various steps of the transaction are divided into three phases.

  • Pre acquisition: work is carried out by risk and insurance due diligence for the identification and quantification of risk. The primary purpose of due diligence is the analysis of the risk profile of the target company and the insurance coverage in place to identify insurance costs and ensure that a proper business plan. 
  • Transaction: are developed ad hoc solutions to reduce risk and facilitate the transaction. Particular types of risks can be effectively transferred to the insurance market, allowing insurance to become a cost-effective tool to remove obstacles and protect the value of the investment. 
  • Post closing: After completion of the transaction, management must often deal with a new organization with a new and different risk profiles need to risk financing. Our team is able to provide support and advice in the preparation of solutions and insurance programs and reduce potential liability to guarantee the value of the investment.