Product & Services

La Rosa International - Insurance Division distinguishes itself for efficiency in seeking the best quality standard for its own insurance products and services, as well as for quotes on innovative insurance solutions covering any kind of risk.

Affinity Group Conventions

La Rosa International - Insurance Division designs, realizes and manages conventions and insurance programs, which address homogeneous groups of individuals and businesses, or groups of people and businesses characterized by being members of an association, users of a service, employees of a company. Products and services tailored to the needs of the Affi nity Group are numerous and can also cover the car, health, life, accident, occupational safety and occupational accident cover.


The globalization of the market has multiplied the business opportunities for Customers. The greatest opportunities are often accompanied by a series of commitments which, in order to be properly fulfilled, provide for the provision of fiduciary guarantees.

The insurance cover that can normally be found on the insurance market is what they are about

• Investments in contests (provisional securities),
• Contractual performance following the award (definitive securities for the good execution of works, supplies or services),
• Deposits for urbanization,
• Guarantees provided to revenue agencies for vat and tax accounts.
• Accruals of tax debts,
• Customs bonds for temporary imports and / or payments to customs administrations.

As far as private individuals are concerned, insurance cover covers lease obligations (guarantees of good maintenance of premises), real estate sales, moves, etc.

Commercial Credit and Political Risk

The growing increase in insolvency situations, whether due to a lack of payments, or concerted practices or socio-political events, leads companies to have the need to have an insurance tool that faces such situations by ensuring that they can security your business. In addition, the advent of Basel II makes the insurance guarantee instrument on trade receivables, the means by which companies can improve their rating and thus have significant benefits in dealing with banks.

Civil Administrator Responsibility

The current system, both in Italy and abroad, of the responsibility of the entities responsible for the management, control and administration of the companies, is characterized by many uncertainties due to standards that are interpreted differently and are strongly influenced by ever-evolving jurisprudence . In such a complex world, managers and managers are increasingly exposed to disputes of various kinds and are therefore likely to remain personally involved in legal actions. In fact, the diligence required of these subjects is judged by the judiciary with ever greater severity. Managers are unlimited and solidly responsible, with their own personal assets for social bonds, if they fail to do so.
Accountability actions can also lead to the seizure of their personal assets. In this context, companies wishing to use the skills of successful Managers and / or new talents must be able to offer them protection and protection.

Directors '& Officers' Liability Insurance, also known as Civil Liability of Directors, covers the liability of the management that has made a mistake, whether it is mild or severe, causing asset damage to third parties in the company.

Professional Civil Responsibility

With the emergence of ever-new professional categories, it becomes more difficult to deal with the tendencies of Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage in a generic way. On the contrary, PI shell elements are now highly specific. We are able to provide the Customer with the right coverage for any aspect of their business.

Professional Indemnity is the essence of a proper risk management strategy. Rosa Insurance Broker can help you locate your specific exposure by structuring a personalized and cost-effective insurance program that includes appropriate warranties and limits.

The insurance covers damage to property caused to third parties as a result of errors or omissions in the provision of professional services in the performance of its characteristic activity.

Damage to Goods

The defense of corporate and individual assets is one of the key components for business. The constant changes in the dynamics of Property Assurance around the world require specialist consultants with a global vision of the problems that are strongly introduced in the various markets and belonging to an international network.

In addition to the traditional sources of risk inherent in the business of each customer and its industrial and commercial organization, adverse and unpredictable meteorological conditions can generate significant negative impacts on key sectors such as energy, transport and telecommunications.

The ability to focus on specific customer problems through a timely risk analysis service and ongoing dialogue with the relevant insurers, provide "tailor-made" policies and an ever-more personalized service that responds to the best in the presence of any market cycle, with particular reference to the following sectors:
• Fire and Atmospheric Events (All Risks and Named Perils);
• Business Interruption Damage;
• Machinery Breakdown and Breakdown of Operation Breakdown by Machines;
• CAR (Contractor's All Risks);
• EAR (Erection All Risks);
• ALOP (Advanced Loss of Profit);
• Postman Responsibility of the Manufacturer.